Saturday, October 19, 2019

Which factor is most important to consider when thinking about Essay

Which factor is most important to consider when thinking about education and classrooms - Essay Example This paper will focus on the debate between private and public schools, their advantages and limitations, then which factor is most important to consider when thinking about education and classrooms. Public schools have their own advantages and disadvantages just like any other institution. The advantage of public school is a standardized way of education. The school provides an equal opportunity to all the students and this makes it more accommodative. Public schools are strict when it comes to discipline, as the students need to develop spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and educationally. More parents prefer to take their children to public schools because of the low economy experienced in most of the countries worldwide. The parents save for their children’s college fees and it has become comfortable for them. The school curriculum and the program managed by the state follows an equal setting of the exams. This is easier for the students to handle the exams as they are on the same level. The graduation and attendance of the students help the government to have a clear statistics of each public school and its performance. Examinations tackled determine the stude nts mean grade, leading to suggestions of the students looking for a different school if they do not perform well. Teachers must have certain qualifications for them to work in a public school. They must attain a degree in college, have teaching license and proven by the state for them to teach. This means that the teachers are well qualified in public schools. Classrooms in a public school are well structured and built with desks inside for the students (Ross, 2004). There are requirements for students before joining a public school through the help of their parents. The management is systematic in a way that the parents must ensure the location of the school and where the child lives. The disadvantages of the public schools exist as well.

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