Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Midterm creative response paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Midterm creative response - Term Paper Example Hearing the news as a family we were filed with mixed emotions as we were placed in the balance between joy for victory and fear of the unknown. Not only was the event a surprise as the ending of the war was almost instantaneous after the bombings. One thing that mainly stood out to us was that the Japanese had been defeated a long time ago, however still continued to fight. The American troops had gained control of the majority of the Japanese waters. In addition, the Japanese army had lost many troops and was experiencing financial difficulties which further increased the element of surprise when the news came that the war was over. The first question was why, after the Japanese continued to fight in such a compromising position, they decided to quit after just two bombings. We had heard some information on the nuclear bomb; however, we were not completely aware of the extent of damage it can cause. Upon hearing the news that the war was over, the primary emotion that was present among members of the community was joy and relief that the war had ended. We celebrated together with our neighbors as the conflict was long and scarred with destruction, death and terror. Many of our neighbors including our family were waiting for the return of our relatives. However, we often engaged in some concerning discussions on the sides. I was all too careful in such encounters as opinions may differ, and change the jovial atmosphere that was in the community. One question that we mainly discussed in small but close company was whether the use of nuclear weapons was justified. To a certain extent, I would say yes, the use of the atomic bomb was justified. Without the intention of using this term too loosely, all is fair in love and war. The Japanese had previously misrepresented themselves, which led to the deaths of numerous America citizens. In addition, I feel Truman was running out of opti ons as the Japanese were refusing to surrender. During

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