Friday, October 18, 2019

Chemical Industry Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chemical Industry Safety - Essay Example After review of the availed data, safety parameters in a chemical industry was reached at as the main project goal. Analysis of these parameters was divided into four categories. These are risks the chemicals impose on human lives, measures necessary to avoid chemical risks, fire and explosion prevention and general safety within the factories. The recommendation from the study was a challenge to the Saudi government to ensure relevant industrial laws are enforced. It is important to note that Saudi Arabia has made significant growth economic wise, an important aspect which can be attributed to the firm industrial base. Saudi Arabia has emerged to be among the few countries in the region that are in full support of their industrial sector. One of the beneficiaries of this support are the chemical industries which have significantly grown throughout the years courtesy of a supportive Saudi government. In spite of all these, the chemical industries have posed to be among the most delicate industries in terms of safety due to the various hazardous chemicals dealt with. A part from this being a major concern, research has proven that accidents in industries are being caused by: human errors, working environment and poor management in terms of safety. It is conclusive to say that productivity of various industries is largely dependent on the safety of employees. Safety is therefore paramount and should be handled above any other thing.

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