Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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The year 1964 has been a very powerful time for the Civil Rights Movement. All the protests and fight for equality has been called for by activists all over America. There have been many films and music committed to show people that the country need to change and that discriminating against people is immoral. All the revolt against society and its norms have led to the important event, where on July 2, 1964 the Civil Rights Act was signed by President Johnson. In January 13, 1964 was the release of the song that supported for such an event was by Bob Dylan called The Times They Are A Changin’. The movie that also called out to people to change was Black Like Me, released in May 20, 1964. Due to the release of such songs and films, there was clearly an issue of inequality and injustice going on in America. The intolerance of people who aren’t white was rising especially in the south. The creation of the song and film hoped to open people eyes to what was going on in Ame rica. I think that the song and film helped society by making them realize that the Civil Rights Act needed to be passed and that the ways things were had to change. On the day of the signing of the Civil Rights Act by President Johnson, many historical events took place to make the bill pass. There were many non-violent supporters of the bill. From events such as the Montgomery bus boycott to Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat in a bus and Martin Luther King Jr.’s â€Å"I Have a Dream† speech. The Civil Rights Act was supposed to be signed by former President Kennedy but his assassination on November 1963, led to Johnson taking over for Kennedy. During the debate of the bill, whether it should be passed or not, there were much opposition to it from both the House ... ...ack Like Me in 1959, which was later made into a movie. The south didn’t take what Griffin wrote about the conditions the African American was facing lightly. They lashed out against Griffin and his family, who lived in Texas. They sent threats to Griffin and his family, they even went as far as burning an effigy of Griffin. It resulted in Griffin and his family moving to Mexico for a few years. I was surprised to find that Griffin was a strong supporter of racial equality, since he grew up in Texas and has lived there most of his life. In the film, Griffin explains how he fought in the Korean War and he tells the doctor, who was helping him get his skin darker, that he was blinded in the war and he regained his sight. During the time he was blinded, Griffin says, â€Å"when your blind there are no color differences and you see things differently and judge differently.†

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