Thursday, November 21, 2019

If Max Weber was living today, how would he analyzed the current Assignment

If Max Weber was living today, how would he analyzed the current fiscal situation from a public policy prospective - Assignment Example The main intention of coming up with this act was to prevent the emergence of a sovereign default which could have emanated from the 2011 US debt ceiling crisis. The main objective of this committee was for purposes of developing a deficit reduction plan over a 10 year period (Vanderveen, 2013). Any recommendations that the committee gave was subject to a simple vote of majority in the legislature. This is without an amendment. The main purpose of introducing these extraordinary provisions was for purposes of limiting a partisan gridlock amongst the members of the congress. The main aim of the 2011 Budget Control Act was to reduce at least 1.5 trillion dollars of the US debts over the next 10 years. This paper analysis the public policy views of Max Weber in regard to the current fiscal situation of the United States. Max Weber is an important scholar who has written extensively on bureaucracy (Edwards, 2007). This paper therefore analyzes the bureaucratic believes of Max Weber in re lation to the current fiscal situation of the United States. One of the major ideas that Weber and Weber (2012) believed is the notion of people acting as a basis of social inquiry. Weber believed that sociologists need to connect with social actors with the main intention of understanding a given problem and situation. The fiscal situation in United States is a social as well as an economic issue (Vanderveen, 2013). To understand the reasons why the US has a huge debt deficit, the government had to create the joint select committee on debt deficit. This institution was answerable to the congress, and it had to provide recommendations on how to solve the current US fiscal situation. This institution is a social actor, and it acted as an organization responsible for conducting social inquiry. The committee had a mandate until 23rd of November 2011. The mandate was to looks for methods and means

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