Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Essay on Ethics in Technology Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

On Ethics in Technology - Essay Example The software companies purchase these copyrights so that the software cannot be copied anywhere else globally. In any case, if the owner wants duplication of the software then a unique kind of copyright is purchased for the software, which is known as the copy left. It allows duplication within specific regions allowed by the owner. Trade secrecy is another form of software protection, which allows the owner to determine where he is willing to sell his software in the world. There are no rights purchased for this type of ethical measures. One of the major characteristics that differentiate trade secrets from others is utilization of trade secrets by companies when they classify the work that does not fall in existing public domain of information. As for software patents, there is no legal existence because the law cannot define whether a software is genuinely a unique invention or not (Reynolds, 2010). Patents usually are given for a period of twenty years for an invention or creatio n. These are three ways software can be protected and their legal usage i.e., ethical usage be made possible. Technological ethics need to be highlighted on a vast scale as when they are enforced with great force, legal usage of the technology can be achieved on a greater margin. These methods of protecting the technology are common yet need special considerations in their development so that they become a strong force in battling against the unethical usage of technology. Any use of product or service that exploits is considered unethical and which gives rise to ethical perceptions. The technology has enabled us to apply several concepts of ethics by our own selves yet we are unable to define what the exact perimeters of ethical usage in technology are. The copyright act of 1976 proposes five basic rights owned by a copyright owner (Tavani, 2011).These rights describe as to what owner’s obligations are and

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