Monday, September 23, 2019

Short listening and assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Short listening and assignment - Essay Example The instrumental roles of the drums are to provide brushes on the drums. Drums are beating out a categorical beat periodically as the performance ends (Ventnor43 2012). ii. Melody statements-Melody assertions in the performance have a head arrangement. The head arrangement originates from the lateral thinking around the 12-bar blue sample that encourages the same. In the 2nd chorus, Basie controls this chorus line with a head arrangement that commences with a two-chorus icebreaker (Ventnor43 2012). 4th Chorus: George Hunt comes into his solo on a trombone and the timbral distinction changes from the 3rd chorus so that the brass is soloing forthright and the reeds go together with the background (Ventnor43 2012). The name of the solo to be analyzed is the third chorus performance. This solo engages Herschel Evans coming into his solo on a saxophone escorted by riffs from the brass division. The solo was successful because it was such a popular tune and so simply accepted (Ventnor43 2012). My emotional response is that the solo was normal for big band swingers. The solo was normal between the soloing reed tone and the brass supplement. I liked the timbres because they were distinct and utilized to start out one chorus from the next. Even though Basie is not the only black artist to have endured pain this way, One O’clock Jump† pulls it out the best (Ventnor43

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