Friday, September 27, 2019

E-Business and e-commerce marketplace analysis Essay

E-Business and e-commerce marketplace analysis - Essay Example My organisation can also benefit from the large customer base available over the internet which will lead to wide market being reached via advertising thus translating into increased sales revenue. 2.The following are some of the benefits that exist for both B2B and B2C organisations; there is cost reduction on purchasing since waste is reduced, lowered transaction costs due to standardisation and automation of agreement,inquiring,ordering,paying and receiving processes. The other benefits are finding and conducting new business, thus it is easy for companies to find business partners that previously were unknown to them; and lastly businesses will increase their efficiency on supply chain due to automated procurement processes. The last benefit is monitoring of corporate spending which enables buyers to acquire information on the patterns of buying, consequently letting firms to allocate, reduce and control spending. The barriers include strategic change; thus a change in a business system of a firm can be revolutionary (strategic) or evolutionary (operational) process. This means there could be resistance to change which could be due to cultural or psychological reasons. The other barrier is costs and financing of putting e-commerce in place; the costs of implementing e-commerce can be such a terrible barrier especially for SMEs and they include costs associated with procuring hardware and software, planning, telecommunications and maintenance

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