Sunday, March 15, 2020

Robotspast and future essays

Robotspast and future essays Past: It was approximately 3,000 years ago when the first signs of a robot appeared. The Iliad mentions a "mobile tripod" and in the myth Jason and the Argonauts a giant sentinel by the name of Talos is talked about. These weren't real life robots, so when did the first robot appear. From what people think robots are today really is a far cry from the actual first robots. The abacus or bead-adding machine was the first computer and was used as far back as 1000 B.C.. Then there were Automatons which were scale models of creatures that moved. One of which used water to move it, it was called "Hercules Killing the Dragon. It was made about 300 B.C. by Hero. William Oughtred in 1621 invented the rectilinear and circular slide rules which were used up to when the pocket calculator was invented. Throughout the 19th century a lot of inventors started to pop up with robotic inventions. In 1801 Joseph Jacquard made an automated loom which was the first numerically controlled machine. During the 1880's railroads used automated signals that used electricity. And then in 1898 Nikola Tesla invented the Radio- controlled boat. Before the 1900's though nobody had ever used the word robot until it was dubbed by Fritz Lang in 1926 in the movie Metropolis. In 1940 Issac Asimov first used the robotics. The first programmable machine was built in 1938 by Pollard and Roseland and was used for painting. In the late 30's and early 40's the first electronic computers were produced by John Atanasoff. Then with Howard Aiken's electromagnetic calculator. These computers weren't mass produced until 1951 when Mauchy and Ecker's UNIVAC I was produced as a commercial computer. In 1956 George Devol designed what would become the first programmable computer and acquired a U.S. patent for it in'61. The father of robotics, who accompanied Devol was Joseph Engelerger, they ...

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